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The Old Town Hall came about when a charter of independence was granted to the town and a building was needed to house the new Independent Municipal Council. Due to a lack of funds, a small building in the Town Square called the “House of Volfin” was utilized for the purpose. Over time, other adjoining buildings were incorporated, with the tower being added in 1364, with further additions of a chapel and the eastern wing. Today the Tourist Information Office is housed in what was once the house of Volfin, now painted in a vivid pink, but unfortunately little remains of the eastern wing as it was all but destroyed by bombing in 1945.

The Old town Hall is well worth a visit, and it is possible to climb to the top of the 70 meter high tower where you will find some superb views over the historic centre of Prague. There are a number of halls, staterooms and the chapel that can be viewed, plus a trip to the basement will take the visitor back into Prague’s historical past.

The Astronomical Clock represents the earth as the centre of the universe. The clock displays the movement of both the Sun and the Moon in relation to the signs of the Zodiac. Beneath this there is a second dial that act as a calendar. It was built in 1866 by Josef Manes, and depicts the days of the year, with symbols representing the months of the year.

The sculptures flanking the Astronomical Clock were created at the beginning of the 15th century by members of the Masonic Lodge of Stonemasons and Sculptors led by Peter Parler.

Old town Hall - Prague 3

The Old Town Hall is located in the Old Town Square. Originally founded in 1338, it has encompassed a number of other buildings over the years and has developed into a collection of medieval buildings presided over by a tall Gothic tower. The tower itself was added in 1364 and stands 69.5 meters tall. It is now the location of the main Tourist Information Office for the Old Town.

Old Town Hall

Old town Hall - Prague 1 Old town Hall - Prague 2

The main entrance is accessed through a wonderful late gothic door. To the left of the door to the left of which can be found one of Prague’s “must see” attractions, the Astronomical clock.