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During the Hussite wars, Tyn Church was the main place of worship for the local community and gave support to the Hussite cause.  By 1437 the church still had no roof, and legend has it that the timber destined for the project was used instead to build gaols for the Hussite leader Jan Rohac z Dube, so it was a further 20 years before the roof could be built. The timber this time was earmarked for use to build a stage at the wedding of king Ladislav Pohrobek. Unfortunately he died before his wedding, but at least the church got its roof.

The church of Our Lady Before Tyn is 52 metres long and 28 meters wide, with the two towers 80 metres high, plus there is a gothic gable between the spires that contain a relief of the Madonna. The basilica has four entrances and the church contains chapels dedicated to The Holy Cross, St Ludmila, and the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady Before Tyn - Prague 2 Our Lady Before Tyn - Prague 3

There are a total of 19 alters in the church, the magnificent main alter has been adorned with the paintings, Ascension of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity by Matthias Rejsek. Also featured is the oldest church organ in Prague manufactured in 1673 by Hans Heinrich Mundt. The font, again the oldest in Prague, dates from 1414, is made of pewter, and decorated with reliefs of the apostles. It is located beneath the Gothic sedile that dates back to the same period.

Our Lady Before Tyn - Prague 1

The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady before Tyn, situated near the Old Town Square, was once the main church for the Protestant Hussites of Prague. The two towers of this imposing Gothic building rise up dominating the Old Town Square below. The present building, founded in 1385, replaced a much smaller gothic church that was originally built on the site. Prior to the building of the present church, this was the site of a Romanesque chapel that is thought have dated back to the 12th century, and was mainly used by merchants staying at the Ungelt, which was a complex of buildings close to the site.

Our Lady Before Tyn